Introduction: How to Draw Best Zentangle Illuminati for Beginners

In this I am drawing a new Illuminati Zentangle Design

Watch in this video how it is done and refer the pictures as well.

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Step 1: Illuminati Stage 1 Blueprint

In this step we will initiate the stage with the blueprint of the stage 1

draw the triangle of any size of your choice, surround the triangle with a circle, with circle cutting the corners of the triangle.

Step 2: Stage 2 of the Blueprint

In this step, we will be drawing three smaller circles around the tip of the triangle from all three sides.

In triangle fill the right section of the triangle with black color

Step 3: Outer Portion As Black Now

In this step we will b covering the outer circles and fill it with black color.

In this triangle portion from left to right in lower portion fill it with small dots all over

Step 4: Covering Outer Circle Portion Now

In this we will be covering the outer side of the circle.

we will be making 5 triangles on each of the outer circles.

The center triangle will be bigger than the rest of the triangles.

Step 5: Half Way Through

In this we will be making outlines with black color, using a bold black marker.

Step 6: Illuminati Taking Shape Now

In all three left areas in between the circles and the triangle.

Make 3 leaf like shape and fill it with black colors. and give a curved lines like shape around the leaf.

Step 7: Almost Done

In this cover the triangles with small dots.

Give a white Dot in each triangle.

Step 8: Illuminati Is Done..

I hope you guys liked this design as i always try something new every time.

If you me to do new designs every time.

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