Introduction: How to Draw Complex Zentangle Tutorial for Beginners


In this tutorial i will show you how to draw a Complex Zentangle design easily.

Request you to follow the steps and get this design.

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Sarabjeet Singh


Drawing File


Graphic Pen

Step 1: The Layout

So well in this we will be making circles with the help of a compass of three different sizes as showing in this picture.

Compass helps you to create circular formation with perfection.

Step 2: Flower Formation

Well in this step.

With the help of compass again, start forming semi circles one by one

and start connecting the semi circles, for a better clarity refer the video.

In the end you will get a perfectly shaped flower formation for our design.

Step 3: Lets Begin

This step is fairly easy as compared to other step.

In this step you just need to fill the outer circle with full black in color.

As shown in the picture start filling the boxes with small vertical lines in it.

Step 4: From the Inside to Outside

From now onward the design will start taking its shape.

we will start filling the portions with smaller circles ii it and filling black color in the remaining portions.

we will pick alternate portions, one facing each other on facing away from each other.

Refer picture for a better understanding.

Step 5: Other Side of the Portion

In this step we will pick the other side of the portion we drew in the previous step.

For all the other side of the portion we will be drawing parallel lines

then filling it with smaller lines filling alternatively.

Fill the smaller portion in the center circle with extra small circles throughout

Step 6: We Are Half Way Through

In his step just fill the outer circle wit smaller lines throughout.

Anf fill flower like shape on both sides of the inner circle as shown in the picture

Step 7: Center Portion Done

From the space from first circle to the second circle.

The portion left other than the design we are done with,

we will make three strips design merging in to each other.

Fill the same in the all, color it all with black color in it.

Step 8: From Center to Outer Circle Portion This Time.

Its fairly easy to draw.

We will be drawing horn like shape in all the portion on by one.

And start drawing ultra small circles in the remaining portion, and just not touching the horn shape design.

Step 9: The Design Is Done

The Left Region in the Flower shape design, half in the outer region and some parts in the inner most circle.

Start filling those portions one by one by leaf like design and color it with black.

Step 10: And Its Done.

And finally we are done with the design.

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Sarabjeet Singh