Introduction: How to Draw Curly Hair Girl | Anime Kawaii Style ( + Step by Step Video )

About: Hello there! I'm Francesca and I love drawing... that's why I started to share my passion with all of you with speed paintings and tutorials. I hope to inspire your artistic creations with my Instructables! :)

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a cute girl with red curls.

For watching step by step process, please check the video (It will be helpful!).

I hope you enjoy this Instructable, bye guys ~

Step 1: Initial Sketch + Facial Details

First of all I draw the pose of the girls without any details, in this way it's easier to erase possible errors.

We I'm satisfied I start to draw the face.

Step 2: Hair

We I have completed the face I draw the volume of the hair.

Then I add curls and remaining details.

I also correct girl's face a little bit ;)

Step 3: Inking!

I ink with the finer pen all the drawing.

We I have done, I erase the pencil and retrace some lines with the thicker pen.

Step 4: Coloring ^_^

I color her skin with: light pink and fuchsia. I blend dry on dry and then I watercolor the result.

When the first layer dried, I add shadows with purple and color the shirt with the same color.

Step 5: Hair

I color the hair with orange, red and purple.

In the first layer I use orange and I watercolor it. When the paint dried, I apply shadows with red and purple (then I watercolor it again).

Step 6: Reflections

I add reflections with white gel pen and tadaaan, the picture is completed! :D

For the full process please watch the video! ^_-