Introduction: How to Draw Eyes

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Time to draw ✒🖋🖊🖌


Pencil, and paper



Step 1: Beginning

In the beginning when you are first drawing make a circle, and size you want.

Step 2: Trace

After you've drawn your circle, you can trace over it with the outline of the eye!

Step 3: Eyelashes

After that draw the eyelashes!

Step 4: -

Step 5: Pupil/Iris Outline

Now you draw the out line of the pupil/Iris, it can be any size you want

Step 6: Iris/puil Fill In, and Shading

After you fill in your iris (or pupil) with color, you can shade! Shade were demonstraded!

Step 7: Eyes Brow

Now draw a line were your eyebrow shall be.

Step 8: Eyes Brow Fill In

Once you filled in your eyebrow your finished !