Introduction: How to Draw Kirby

I will be showing you step by step on how to draw Kirby with optional simple coloring version of just a sketch.


- Paper.

- Pencil (doesn't have to a sketching pencil. it could be just a regular pencil or mechanical pencil.)

- Eraser.

- Color pencils. (for the option if you want to color it in.)

- An outlining pen or a sharpie or just any black marker. ( to outline the whole thing when done if you don't just want to leave it in pencil. )


Step 1: Draft Your Kirby

Since there are many ways to draw Kirby I'm just doing a simple one. Just draw 4 circles representing Kirby's structure. His body, his arms, and his legs. Make sure to draw the circles very lighting, just enough for you to be able to see them. Because later on we will be erasing it later. So draw it lightly so it'll be easier to erase later on.


Step 2: Outline Your Kirby

After drawing those light circles. Now you will be outlining the way you want your Kirby to look. And outline it in a bit darker because that'll represent the way you want it to stay when you are done.


Step 3: Erase Your Drafting Circles

This is how it should look after erasing the circles we drew before in step one.


Step 4: Draw the Lines to Place His Face.

This step is where you will be draw light lines again to represent where his eyes, cheeks, and mouth will be. I do this step so it'll be more accurate when drawing those parts in place.

Step 5: Place in His Eyes, Cheeks, and Mouth.

Now draw in his eyes, cheeks, and mouth in a darker shade so you'll know that's how you'll want it to look in the end. Take your time and once you like the way it looks you can add in the details for his eyes and mouth which I show in the next picture.

Step 6: Add in the Details.

now that you outlined the way you like it now you add in the details in his eyes and mouth. For his eyes, those circles will represent the shine in his eyes. And for the mouth is his tongue. Now after you like the way that looks you can erase the drafting lines we made before to show where you want his features to go.

Step 7: Erase the Drafting Lines.

This is how it should look after erasing the lines we made to place in his eyes, cheeks, and mouth.

Step 8: Color in the Eyes and Mouth.

After the erasing, color in his eyes and mouth. For his eyes color in the top half of his eyes but the not the circles we drew inside his eyes. And for his mouth color in just the sides but not his tongue. After doing so, it would look fine just like that. But if you want to add in color then get a dark blue color pencil, red color pencil, pink color pencil, and a hot pink color pencil (this color pencil is optional because if you don't have a hot pink color pencil then we can just combine the pink and red color pencil and it'll look just fine.)

Step 9: Coloring in Kirby!!

Now this is how it turned out for me. Maybe yours might be better. Because I didn't exactly have the right colors it turned out like this. But yeah. The red is for his shoes, or feet. The pink is for his body, arms, and tongue. The dark blue is for his eyes. And the hot pink/pink and red is for his cheeks. And since to me at least the pencil outline didn't look good with the coloring I'm just going to draw over it with a black marker.

Step 10: Outline Kirby With a Black Marker.

After outlining it again with a black marker, you are done!!! I hope this really helped you and if it didn't turn out good this time. Keep practicing and you'll do just fine.!! ~