Introduction: How to Draw Squidward

This tutorial will teach you step by step to draw everyone's favorite cephalopod, Squidward Tentacles!

Step 1: Draw the Eyes

draw two ovals side by side, these will eventually be his eyes

Step 2: Draw a Line

Draw a slightly curved line across both ovals.

Step 3: Pupils!

Add two rectangles right beneath the line you drew in step 3 and shade them in to make the pupils

Step 4: Add a Nose

To make Squidward's nose, draw a large tear drop shape starting from between the eyes

Step 5: Define the Eyelids

after you've added the nose, refine the eyelids like so using the line you drew in step two to make the outside creases.

Step 6: Eyelids Part 2

shade them in and finish the creases by adding two short lines above the pupils like those in the picture

Step 7: Cranium Time

to make his bulbous head, draw a large watermelon shape that starts and ends right below the eyelids.

Step 8: Start Drawing the Face

To make the face draw a vertical line on either side of the head, overlapping it slightly with the outline of the eyes. Try to make these lines curve just a little bit towards the inside of the face.

Step 9: Begin the Mouth

to make Squidward's mouth, draw a horizontal oblong/ banana shape on each side of the face. Begin each shape from the bottom of the vertical lines you drew in step 8, and end it at the nose.

Step 10: Add the Mouth

to make Squidward's mouth, draw a horizontal, slightly down-turned line like so

Step 11: Add Dimples

Step 12: WRINKLES!!!!

draw three curved lines on top of his head to make poor Squiddy's frown lines

Step 13: Head Spots

Lastly, add the spots to the top of his head

Step 14: Put It on the Fridge and Display Your Fabulous Squidward Skills.

Now you know how to draw Squidward! Congratulations.