Introduction: How to Draw a Anime Character

I Will Be Drawing A Anime Character #HMS2020

What you will need is.....

  1. Pencil(wood or led)
  2. Eraser for mistakes
  3. Piece of paper(lined,etc)
  4. Ruler(if you want)

Step 1: Drawing the Head

So what you want to do is draw a circle,it doesn't have to be perfect.Than draw a line down the middle,but put the line down it estimates how big the head will be.Then draw 3 horizontal lines in the circle,1 at the top,1in the middle,they estimate how big the eyes will be,then 1 at the bottom.After that just right below the circle draw a little line for the jaw.When you are done with all of that,connect it together

Step 2: Making the Neck/Shoulders

Under the head make 2 inward lines.Then make a smooth(not so stiff)horizontal line,then curve up a little at the end of the line.After that add a shadow under the head

Step 3: Bust-ups

For men the chest is more strait,while females are more curvy.So you want to draw a not so strait diagonal lines a little inward from the shoulders.Then at the bottom of those lines draw small strait lines on both sides.After that for the arms,since the shoulders aren't all the way finished,you can make any pose with the arms.Then draw the hands.(Would advise to use your hand as a (reference)

Step 4: Adding the Accessories

So now you can add your own hair and clothes.Then you add the face.When you are done erase the guide-lines!

Step 5: Conlusion

So I think this was bad and do not use this tutorial.What i think could've been better and i recommend you to use a ruler for the head,and make better body proportions!