Introduction: How to Draw a Black and White Object or Item or Organism With a Color Pop Background

Today I will be showing you how to make a black and white organism with a nice colorful background. I mad a parakeet and I used teal and gold for my background. There are many variations to this project and may ways to make it your own!


You will need some paint, I chose 3 paints but ended up only using 2. Also to make it pop out way more you might consider having black paint or a black marker handy to outline your pencil drawing and make it more black and white.

Step 1: Drawing Your Bird

As I said earlier, it doesn’t have to be a bird, you can draw whatever you would like. I suggest using a reference or drawing something really simple. I used a photo I found in my camera roll of a parakeet. Sketch that out, or print a black and white picture on a piece of paper. The fun part is the painting so you can choose how you do this step. I drew my parakeet with almost no shading and not many details, but then I went back and fixed it up a bit.

Step 2: Adding the First Color

Shake your paint first or follow any prep instructions your paint requires. Try to keep your colors up to 3 or 4 otherwise, it will look a bit messy and hard to find the right places to add each one. I started off with my teal and just began to apply it on the paper. Try to make odd blob or paint splotch looking shapes if you want it to turn out like mine. You could also make the background striped, dotted, or any pattern you want. I had 3 places where I added teal to mine. Make sure to leave space for your other color(s).

Step 3: Adding the 2nd Color

Now I added the gold paint. I added it around the areas where the teal was. I tried to make the edges splotchy with the gold. I also tried to make there be a little bit or white in between the 2 colors because I thought that could make it look nicer. As you can see, my desk got a little paint on it so I also suggest covering your work area with some newspaper or do it on a surface that paint could be easily removed (luckily the paint will come off my desk).

Step 4: Adding the Black Paint or Marker

I didn’t have enough time to do this but I’ll do it as soon as possible and update the instructable. Just outline the pencil with the paint or sharpie. Then you are basically done. Just hang up your artwork in your room or you can tuck it under a plastic folder or binder sleeve to show others your art!

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