Introduction: How to Draw a Braid, a Dutch Braid, and a French Braid.

Regular braid - Steps 1-5

French braid - Steps 6-8

Dutch braid - Steps 9-end

I hope this helped you! :)

Step 1: Draw a Head Outline.

Draw a circular shape and then add a longer part to the bottom to make it an oval. This is how big the head will be.

Step 2: Braid - Draw the Guide.

Draw a zig-zag at the bottom of the head shape for the regular braid. This will be the length of the braid.

Step 3: Braid - Extend Lines

Using the zig-zag, extend the lines to start the form of the braid.

Step 4: Braid - Curve Lines

Curve the ends of the lines down and you will start to see the braid come together.

Step 5: Braid - Finish! :)

Add lines for hair, add a hair-tie and the bottom of the braid. Add some detail and your done!

Step 6: French Braid - Drawing the Guide... Again

Draw a zig-zag like the regular braid but this time make the zig-zag start at the top of the head.

Step 7: French Braid - Extend, Again.

Extend all the zig-zag lines.

Step 8: French Braid - Curve and Finish :)

Curve ONLY the bottom extended lines and keep the ones on the head. Draw the hair, bottom, and detail.

Step 9: Dutch Braid - Draw Another Guide

Similar to the french braid, draw the zig-zag on the head but add a small bump on the top.

Step 10: Dutch Braid - Entenddd

Extend all lines.

Step 11: Dutch Braid - Curve

Curve ALL lines to get the braid.

Step 12: Dutch Braid - Ta-Da! :)

Add the hairlines and detail to finish the dutch braid.