Introduction: How to Draw a Bunny

This instructable will teach you how to draw a simple bunny. It's easy enough for a kid but also for any beginner. Have fun and add your own flair if you like!


  • A piece of paper
  • A pencil
  • Colored pencils

Step 1: Draw the Head

  • Draw a circle.
  • The circle can be as big as you'd like.
  • This will be the bunny's head.

Step 2: Draw the Ears

  • Draw two ovals that connect to the head
  • These will be the ears of the bunny

Step 3: Draw the Inner Ears

  • Inside of the two large ovals you drew, draw two smaller ones that connect to the bunny's head.
  • These will be the inner ears of your bunny

Step 4: Draw the Nose and Mouth

  • Draw an upside-down triangle with soft edges in the lower half of the circle.
  • This will be the nose.
  • Draw a "w", and make sure to connect the middle of it to the tip of the triangle.
  • This will be the mouth.

Step 5: Draw the Eyes

  • Draw two small circles just above the nose
  • Colore the circles in
  • These are the eyes

Step 6: Draw the Whiskers

  • Draw three diagonal lines on each side of the nose, underneath the eyes
  • These will be the whiskers

Step 7: Draw the Body and Back Legs

  • Take your finger and place it on the bunny's nose.
  • Run your finger to the edge of the bunny's face and stop, this is where you will start your curved line to make the body.
  • Draw the curved line in a clockwise direction and stop when the line is directly below the bunny's chin.
  • From the end of this line, draw a backward 3.
  • This forms the body of the bunny.

Step 8: Draw the Front Legs and Feet

  • Starting from the bottom left side of the bunny's head, draw the shape of a tall, skinny "W" with soft edges.
  • Make sure the right side of the "W" attaches to the rest of the body

Step 9: Add Details and Color

  • You can use colored pencils to color the bunny any color you'd like, but this bunny is white with pink ears and a pink nose.
  • Draw a fluffy tail and little lines on the feet to create toes.

Step 10: Add Anything Else You'd Like and Enjoy

  • Now that you've drawn a bunny, you can add a landscape or any other thing you'd like to make it unique.
  • Sit back and enjoy your drawing.
  • This is now something you can teach a sibling or young family member to draw!