Introduction: How to Draw a Dragon

Hello today I will teach you how to draw a dragon step by step, You will need some supplies like a pencil, A piece of blank paper, An eraser and a shader pencil and if you don't have one use a dull pencil. That is all the supplies you will need for this project.

Step 1: Outlines

  1. You will have to draw all the basic body parts of you dragon.
  2. Connect all the body parts with other limbs.
  3. Draw the extras like eyes, Noses, ears etc...
  4. Draw the basic outlines of the wings and tail
  5. Finish the extras, Wings and tail with detail and fins etc...

Now we are done the outlines, on to detail.

Step 2: Detail

6. Erase all the pencil lines. Draw horns on the dragon were ever you what them to go on you're dragon.

7.Draw scales by drawing many triangles over the body etc...

8.Finish the extras with detail.

9.Draw scales on the tail with all the detail.

10.The last step is shading, Use a shader pencil or a dull pencil. Pick a side for the light to be projecting off of, Then on the opposite side of the dragon where the light is coming from draw shadow that is the same shape as the thing that you're drawing a shadow for, All this is to make it 3D. And color any way you want.

Step 3: We Are Done!

If you think you are done check over all the steps to make sure you did not miss one. And if you are not very fond of what you drew jest know that you tried you're best so be happy with what you accomplished.