How to Draw a Kaiju




Introduction: How to Draw a Kaiju


drawing pencil

graphite pencil

vinyl eraser

Step 1: Find a Picture

Step 2: Draw the Out Line

Start to gently scratch out the body shape or outline of the Kaiju

Step 3: The Next Step Is to Draw Out the Eyes and Teeth

Step 4: Then for the Second to Last Step Draw Out the Rest of the Body

Step 5: For the Last Step Shade and Darken All of the Lines in the Drawing

Step 6: Your Drawing!!!

Step 7: Thank You for Watching

love comment and vote for me in the after school contest

tell me what I should draw next.

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    Isolated Thinker
    Isolated Thinker

    2 years ago

    Nice sketch! I can tell you put some work into it.
    I'm a bit of a Godzilla and Pacific Rim fan myself. :)