Introduction: How to Draw a Quick Cartoon

Cartoons are really fun, and easy to draw too. Drawing cartoons like this shouldn't be frustrating, and doesn't require hours of erasing and shading. It's very basic, yet very satisfying, and only requires some markers, and some paper! You can really draw just about anything with this method, and it will still look pretty cartoon-like, but I'm going to show how to draw a person. There are a lot of steps, but this shouldn't take you long!

Step 1: What You Need

Basic Materials for "cartooning":
- Pencil
- Paper
- Hands and Fingers

Optional Materials:
- Colored Pencils or Markers

Step 2: The Chin

Start out with a simple half circle like the one in the picture.

Step 3: The Hair

Imagine or lightly draw with a pencil the rest of the circle. Now, darker, draw bangs for your cartoon that don't cover all of the face, so preferably short bangs. Bangs are optional, but they make the cartoon more realistic. When you know where your bangs will be, draw the rest of the head except for the part the bangs will be. If you are afraid to mess up, lightly draw the rest of the head in pencil. Give the bangs shape by not drawing just a straight line, but more of a curvy one. Then, draw the outline of the main hair behind it. I chose to have it long, but you can make it short by having small upwards spikes on the top of your bangs. Before coloring it, draw the neck from the bottom of the chin, basically just to curved lines ending in a loop. Now, color in the hair with the color of your choice, and add shine by drawing bubbles, and avoiding them while coloring, or coloring them in with a lighter color.

Step 4: The Eyes

Eyes are one of my favorite parts, and easy, too. First, draw, WITH A PENCIL, two large circles about the size of a pea on your face (not your face, the cartoon's!). Next, draw a smaller circle a little over half the bigger circle's size in each eye. Now, draw two extremely small circles in those circles, about a quarter of the big circle's size. Now, color in the medium sized circle, but not the extremely small ones or the large ones.

Step 5: The Nose and the Mouth

WITH A PENCIL, draw a small half circle, up or down, in the middle of the face. This will be the nose. then, draw a smile, or an upside down frown, by taking a PENCIL and drawing two curved lines meeting up at the ends, near the chin. That's pretty much the face!

Step 6: The Torso

Draw two slightly curved lines facing opposite ways from the neck. These will be the shoulders. Then, make one line go down (the arms) for about an inch, then draw a hand. The other arm is curved at the elbow, and the forearm is facing upward. Don't worry about drawing this hand now.
now, at the armpits, draw two more lines going down. Now, I suck at drawing hands, so you don't have to make them perfect, no one can.

Step 7: The Legs.

Pretty basic, draw two lines on one side going down from the end of the torso, do the same on the opposite side. Cut them of at about 1 1/2 inches, and draw two circle/oval/rectangles for feet or shoes. Color pants and shoes with color of your choice.

Step 8: The Hand We Didn't Draw Yet

This hand is going to be clutching a prop. I made a balloon, but you can have anything, a ball, an ice cream cone, an alien, etc... Make the hand into more of a ball shape, and draw your prop. If you draw a balloon, like me, draw a string facing upwards for about 1-2 inches, then draw a big ball shape. Draw a bubble or a square inside it, and color everything but inside of that. It makes it look like it shines! Have fun drawing cartoons, and I hope you liked mine and the one you made!