Introduction: How to Draw a Skull

I'm writing a set of instructions on this because my classmate sees me doodling skulls a lot and wanted to learn how to draw.





Step 1: The Skeleton of the Skull

Draw a circle and divide it into 4 quadrants

Step 2: Drop the Jaw

At the bottom of the circle, make the vertical line a little bit longer so it sticks out from the circle. Draw a line extending out that is parallel to the line that goes across the middle of the circle.

Step 3: Shape Up

Connect the 2 horizontal lines with a line that bows slightly outward.

Step 4: You Nose It

Staring at the top of the line you just drew, draw a small triangle.

Step 5: Socket to Em

From the top of your triangle, draw a crescent indent inside the circle.

Step 6: Eyevoid

On top of the line that goes across the circle, draw a small circle that is cut in half by the vertical line that's already separating the big circle.

Step 7: TEETH

Draw a plumb line down from the edge of the small eye socket circle. Halfway between the 2 horizontal lines, draw another parallel line and stop it at the plumb line. Along the line, draw the teeth. You can either make them look like stitches or draw little cubes along the top and bottom of the line.

Step 8: Filling in the Blanks

Color in the eye socket (the little circle) and the little triangle.

Step 9: Now Erase

Erase all the unnecessary lines! You should be able to tell what to keep, but basically get rid of the quadrant lines and the parts of the circle that interrupt the mouth and eye socket.

Step 10: Admire Your Work

Whether it turned out great or makes you cringe a little bit, take a second to admire your work.

Art is practice! The more you draw, the easier it will get and you can add your own spin and details once you are comfortable.

Have fun and happy practicing!