Introduction: How to Draw a Wolf Head

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Hello, today I will show how to draw a simple wolf head.

Step 1: Working on the Base

first off, you will have to draw a plain circle. you can trace a lid of something or do it freehand. then you draw a line (this will be the muzzle) a bit above the middle of the circle.

Step 2: Muzzle Base( Working on the Base Part 2)

now you will need to draw a line curving inwards toward the circle, making the front of the muzzle. then draw a line connecting the front of the muzzle to the circle.

Step 3: Head Base ( Working on the Base Part 3)

now you draw a line angled down and straight towards the muzzle. stop a bit halfway and go almost straight down, connecting the forehead to the muzzle.

Step 4: Ears

go to the back of the head( where the forehead line begins) and draw a curved line towards the back of the base. then draw a line for the back of the ear, follow the photo for reference.

Step 5: The Neck ( Working on the Base Part 4)

draw a line starting from the bottom of the ear. then do the same for the jaw, and connect the two neck lines.

Step 6: Eye Part 1

go back the the line that makes the base of the muzzle and draw an angled line going towards the front of the forehead. then draw an angled line downwards toward the muzzle base line again. to finish the eye base, draw a line on the bottom, following the muzzle base line.

Step 7: Inner Eye Detail

draw two curved lines inside of the eye, making a partial circle. then draw an almost half circle in the line nearest to the forehead. fill in everything except the middle of the eye, follow the reference photo if you have trouble.

Step 8: Eyebrow

draw two lines above the eye, angling them to make an upside down v shape. add a line going almost straight up. then thicken the eyebrow, tapering it as it gets nearer to the end.

Step 9: The Nose

draw a curved line going down. then draw another going towards the front of the muzzle. draw a curved line going along the muzzle up. draw a line on the top that's curved also.

Step 10: Muzzle Details

draw a curved line going inwards on the muzzle. continue that line in towards the main base. thicken the end of the line slightly. draw a curved line going towards the bottom of the muzzle. then do another following the bottom of the muzzle base, ending at the main base.

Step 11: Ear Detail.

now we will work on the ears. draw an outline in front of the first ear, making it a bit smaller. add a line following the edge of the ear. do the same for the other side of the ear. do nothing for the second ear.

Step 12: Neck Fur Detail

draw ragged lines on the neck base, going towards the bottom. continue the ragged lines on the bottom of the base(this is optional). draw ragged lines going down with the front of the neck base.

Step 13: Erase the Guide Lines

now you will erase the guidelines.

Step 14: Cheek Fur

draw a line following the head base. then draw fur along the edge of that line. if you have trouble, use the photo as reference.

Step 15: The Finished Product!

and there you have it, your own wolf drawing! you can add fur details if you want. hope you liked this instructable, if so, please favorite it or follow my channel.