Introduction: How to Draw a Wolf Head

Okay this is my first instructable so it’s probably gonna be bad lol 😂 but I’m showing you how to draw a wolf! You might be able to tell that wolves are my favorite animal. Also I’m 10 so if the art is bad that’s why

Step 1: Start With a Sketch.

Sketch a circle, (it does not have to be perfect, trust me.

This is going to be the head base.

Step 2: More of the Sketch -_-

Now draw an upside down trapezoid type shape at the bottom of the circle.

This will be the snout.


Now draw a circle in the corner of the circle, and also a triangle.

This will be the ear.

Step 4: Now Erase.

Erase the sketch until it is faint enough for you to still be able to see it, but also be really light.

Step 5: Start With an Ear.

I kinda draw a curvy ear. It’s a bit hard to explain, but you can copy it off the picture.

Don’t forget to draw the back ear!

Step 6: Draw the Forehead and Snout.

Now I draw the forehead/top of the head and the snout. Again, it’s hard to explain, but you can use the picture for help! 😁

Also, use the sketch for reference and placement of the lines.

(Another thing- Sorry- when drawing the snout, leave a place for the nose!

Step 7: Now for the Nose!

The nose is a bit difficult to figure out. If your having trouble, just draw a black circle for a nose.

Again, picture for reference.

Step 8: Mouth and Rest of the Snout.

For the snout, again, it’s a bit difficult to get right. I draw the mouth coming from the nose, and then that little thingy wolves have on there mouths (the black part) and then I draw the bottom. The picture should help (I’m sorry it’s blurry :( )

Step 9: The Neck

Just a little line coming from the ear for the neck, and another coming from the snout. I add little zig zags as fur.

Step 10: Last Step: Eye and Details.

The eye is... weird. If you would like, you can use the style I use or you can use your style of eye. And then I just add little fur details here and there... you don’t have to do this though.

Step 11: Your Done!

You can keep drawing these, once you get the hang of it it’s quick and easy! If any of you do this, I would love to see your drawing and take on my wolf! If you would like, you can add details to the wolf or extra stuff. I decided to add a flower, as you can see. Don’t forget to name your wolf! I named mine Sakura, which means cherry blossoms in Japanese! I hope this helped at least one person.... thank you for reading!