Introduction: How to Draw an Anime Face (Female)

You just need paper, a pencil, a pen, and an eraser. The more you draw and practice, the less you need these guide lines. This drawing isn't the best because I used guide lines. I tend to draw better without guide lines. Keep practicing to become an artist! :)

Step 1: A Circle

Draw a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect, but make sure its a circular shape and not to deformed.

Step 2: Horizontal Line

Just below the circle, draw the horizontal line. This line will help you with drawing the jaw and cheeks.

Step 3: Vertical Line

Draw a vertical line in the middle of the circle. The line will divide the circle in half, allowing you to be able to draw a more symmetrical face. Make sure the vertical line is long, past the bottom of the circle.

Step 4: The Cheeks

Now it's time todraw the cheeks! Draw diagonal lines from the side of the circle to the horizontal line. Make sure to not go over the horizontal line because that's where the jaw goes.

Step 5: The Jaw

Here, you can see I drew different jaws. Depending on the length of the jaw, it changes the age of your character. On the left, the shorter the jaw is, the more child-like it looks (Chibi style). In the middle, it has a longer jaw, so it looks older (Maybe teenage years). You can experiment around with how long you want your jaw to be, just as long it doesn't exceed the length of half of your circle (as shown on the right).

Step 6: Draw a Horizontal Line Across the Circle

Here, I drew the jaw for the character. Next, draw a horizontal line in the middle of the circle. This divides where the face is and where the forehead/hair will be.

Step 7: Draw Another Horizontal Line

Remember the horizontal line we drew that helped us draw the jaw and cheeks? Draw another horizontal line a little above. This will help draw the nose.

Step 8: The Nose

In the middle of the two lower horizontal lines, draw the nose. I drew a simple nose for this tutorial.

Step 9: The Eyes

When drawing the eyes, make sure the lower part of the eyes touch the second horizontal line. Here you can see I changed the jaw a little. Experiment to get the shape you want!

Step 10: The Neck

First, I outlined the nose and eyes with a pen. This is optional. Next, I drew vertical lines down the middle of both eyes. This helps draw the neck.

Step 11: The Mouth

Go ahead and draw any mouth you want. The mouth should be between the third horizontal line and the chin.

Step 12: The Ears

The top of the eyes is where the top of the ears are. On both sides, draw a curved shape down to the second horizontal line. This will be your ears. Now go ahead and trace the face out with a pen. After that, erase any pencil marks except the top of the circle.

Step 13: The Hair

In this tutorial, I will draw simple, spiky, short hair. Anywhere at the top of the circle, draw a small dot. This is the spiral/the parting of the hair. From there, draw curves from the dot out of the circle. After you are done with drawing the hair, trace it with a pen.

Step 14: Back to the Eyes

Draw crescent shape that's upside down in the eyes. These are the pupils. Next draw a little bubble in the eyes, this is the reflection in the eyes. Leave this white. Make sure that they are big! This is anime :P. Then shade the pupil and the top of the eye. Now you are done with your first manga/anime face!