Introduction: How to Draw an Easy Daffodil

This is a quick sketch for Mother's Day, or just for fun!! It is really easy and simple, so anyone can do it. All you need is a pencil and paper. Have fun :)

Step 1: First Sketch

To create the daffodil, create a "U" shape. On top of it, draw a circle. This circle will be refined later to look like the top of the daffodil. Add leaves surrounding the "U". If you have trouble drawing the leaves, draw hearts and then erase the top to make a straight line. Remember the circle you just made? Make the circle have bumpy edges, like a flower.

Step 2: Shading - a Background

For this project, you will need three tones. Dark, Medium, and Light. In order to get tones, just press your pencil on the paper with different pressures.

Step 3: Shading - Dark

Apply hard pressure. First, shade the middle of the flower, the pistil. Then, the edge of each leaf (the bigger edge). After, shade in the left side of the "U" shape.

Step 4: Shading - Medium

Apply normal pressure. Extend all the shading you made last step, adding another layer.

Step 5: Shading - Light

Apply very light pressure. Again, extend what you did in the last two steps, so it looks like three layers.

Step 6: Blending

After you have the three layers, take a tissue and rub on the sketch. This will make the layers seem more natural. Congrats! You're done! Make lots of daffodils to make a homemade card, or decorate anything with a pretty daffodil! If you want a colored daffodil, use all these rules but with a colored pencil.

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