Introduction: How to Draw an Impossible Triangle

In this instructable, I will be showcasing how to draw an Impossible Triangle, also known as the Penrose Triangle. An impossible figure is a shape that cannot exist in reality, a nonsensical figure, and there are hundreds, but the triangle is one of the more basic ones. You don't really have to be a pro at drawing to make it. I chose to make this instructable because it's simple, all you really need is a pencil and paper, and it's dimensions are very easy to change if needed.


For this instructable, you'll need a pen/pencil, a ruler to draw with, and a regular sheet of computer paper.

Step 1: The Base

Add a base line to start the triangle. Make sure not to make it too close to the top of the page.

Step 2: Adding to the Base

At each end of the base line, make small diagonal lines as shown.

Step 3: The Shape

At the end of each of the smaller lines from the previous step, add longer diagonal lines as shown.

Step 4: Finishing the Shape, Sort Of

Connect the 2 lines from the previous step together with a horizontal lines.

Step 5: Beginning the Nonsense

From the center intersection on the right, draw a straight horizontal line to the other side, but don't connect them. Leave space as shown in the image.

Step 6: Continuing the Confusion

From the bottom left intersection to the top right intersection, make a diagonal line, but same as the last step, don't connect them.

Step 7: Putting It Together

From the end of the line from the previous step, draw a diagonal line down as shown. Then, from the end of the line from step 5, draw a diagonal line upwards at the same angle from the line from step 6. It should now look like the image shown.

Step 8: Adding More

From the intersection at the top left of the triangle, draw a diagonal line downwards, but same again, leave space between the line you're drawing and the line from step 5.

Step 9: Finishing It Off, Pt. 1

From the end of the line from the previous step, draw a horizontal line connecting it to the line from the opposite side as shown.

Step 10: Finishing It Off, Pt. 2

Erase the overlapping part of the downwards line from step 7. You should now have what the introduction image showed, an impossible triangle.