Introduction: How to Draw the Best Zentangle Geometric Design for Beginners

Well I am always fascinated by the Geometric Designs and their perfection.

In this Instructable i am basically making a Zentangle inspired Geometric Design

Please use the Video and Pictures both for reference.

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Step 1: Lets Begin

So in the first we will begin with making a circle with the help of a compass.

In this design everything depends on the compass for perfection.

In this step we will make 2 circles, one slightly bigger than the other.

Divide the circles in 4 quadrants with the help of a ruler.

Step 2: Divide It Into 8

In this step with the help of a ruler.

We will divide the 4 quadrants in to half and make it into 8 equal parts.

Step 3: Start Connecting the Lines

In this step we will be connecting both the ends on all the 8 lines with each other with the help of a compass.

We will pick line one by one and will draw a circular shape with the help of a compass.

Use pictures and The video for reference.

Step 4: This Is How It Looks

This is how it look after connecting all the lines and drawing the circular shape with the help of a compass.

Step 5: Draw This Again

In this step we are actually going to make 2 more circles.

One circle will touch the leaf type structure that we just did in our previous steps.

The other circle will be slightly bigger than the previous circle.

Step 6: Start Drawing Your Piece.

Now when your sketch is ready we will start giving it colors.

I chose only a black marker. you can start covering the outer most border first with black marker, as shown in the video.

And then coloring the small triangles as show in the picture, we will color only right side of the smaller triangles and leaving the other side blank.

Step 7: Start Giving It the Desired Shape.

We will color this design starting from the outside and coloring as we come inside the design.

So in this step we will color the next section, but in this we will color the opposite section to what we did in the previous step.

Step 8: Its Time for the Bigger Triangles.

In this step in the next we will again take the bigger triangle to cover this time again its going to be the opposite section to that of our previous step.

Step 9: Small Triangles

Now we will be covering the smaller triangles into black.

Step 10: The Center Most Piece

The center most piece is left to be covered which we will divide into small triangles and then cover it into black triangles.

Step 11: The Outer Circle Portion

Lets cover the outer circle region as shown in the picture.

As this section was relatively big so first i used a thin graphic marker to cover the edgers & then i used the bold marker to cover it faster.

Step 12: Small Section to Be Taken Care

Now please refer the picture and follow the remaining section.

Step 13: Anddd. Its DONE.........

So finally following all the step with the help of just one compass and one black marker we did this beautiful

Zentangle inspired Geometric Design.

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