Introduction: How to Draw the Best Zentangle Paradox Geometric Design for Beginners

Hey Everyone. I am going to show you Paradox Variation that you can use in your designs.

I request you to please refer my video with the attached pictures for a clear understanding.

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Step 1: Make the Outline

well in this step We will just prepare the structure within which we will be making our Paradox Zentangle Design.

we will make 2 figures, making 2 pentagonal shapes having 6 triangles in each figure.

Step 2: Figure 1

Well in variation one. We will pick one triangle in figure one.

Will draw the Anti clock wise pattern.

Please refer the video for better clarity.

Step 3: This Is How It Looks.

So once we will cover the triangle one in figure one.

This is how it looks once it will be done.

Refer The video

Step 4: Go On

Simply pick all the triangles and fill it with anti clock wise lines as shown in the pictures and video

Step 5: Variation One Is DONE!!!!!!!!!!

Well after filling all the triangles in figure one with Anti Clock Wise pattern.

This is how variation one looks like.

We will pick the other Variation now in the next figure.

Step 6: Variation 2 Now

Well after completing the figure one, now we will pick another variation

In this Figure also we have 6 triangles

But in this figure first triangle we will do it with first with Clock wise lines.

Please refer the video

Step 7: Go On

Well the difference in variation 2 after completing first triangle with Clock wise Pattern

But in 2nd triangle we will do it with Anti clock wise pattern.

Step 8: Do It Alternatively

Variation 2 there is one difference.

Like in Triangle 1- Clock wise

Triangle 2- Anti Clock wise

Triangle 3- Clock wise

Triangle 4- Anti Clock wise

Triangle 5- Clock wise

Triangle 6- Anti Clock wise

Step 9: Both of the Variations Are DONE!!!!!

After completing the variation as described in the previous step.

This is how it looks after completing both the variations.