Introduction: How to ETCH on Glass

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In this project we will teach you how to ETCH Glass using cricut machine. We also have a YouTube video of our entire process.

Items Needed:

1. 1 Pyrex Basics 3 Quart Glass Oblong Baking Dish with Red Plastic Lid -13.2 INCH x 8.9inch x 2 inch

2.ORACAL Vinyl Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheet

3.Cricut Standard Grip Mat

4.Cricut Scraper

5. Gloves and a plate

6. Sponge

7. Armour Etch (Glass etching cream)

Step 1: Get a Glass Baking Dish

I bought a Pyrex baking dish from amazon. Its a Christmas gift and I want to personalize it with a name. You can use whatever size and shape of the glass dish.

Step 2: Check the Dimension of the Surface and Adjust the Image's Side Allowances

Check the dimension of the surface and adjust the image's side allowances. You can use measuring tape to check the sizes, it is so important to calculate the right size and sides allowance to make it look beautiful. It should be in the middle of the surface and equal from all sides to look it more professional.

Next you will want to log into design space and upload your image you are using or you can create your own or purchase these particular letters from me at

Step 3: Choose Your Font Style for Your Personalized Name and Insert It in the Image

After uploading the image or text, write the personalized name, you can now choose whatever font you would like to use. These fonts styles are available both in paid and free. There are also many sites of free fonts. We have all 26 letters bundled together and for sale on our website.You can get exact SVG seen here, by visiting our blog at They are beautifully crafted for your presents and gifts.

Step 4: Attach All the Pieces Together

There are many letters and symbols so the cricut machine will cut them separately, to avoid all this situation you can select all and select the "Attach" button to put all these little pieces all together to cut it as one piece.

But before you attach, be sure that your name is centered. Adjust the name "Cindy" in the middle of the image. You can set it bigger or smaller and left or right. Just play around and set it accurately.

You can adjust the image automatically selecting all and pressing "center" button and "attach " the image again to cut it as a whole.

Step 5: Mirror the Image

Since you want this on the bottom of your dish, you will want to "Mirror" the image before you cut it out.

Step 6: Get Your Vinyl Ready and Put on the Mat

Put your vinyl to the mat and make sure that your mat is sticky to hold it firmly. You can use Scrapper tool to rub it make it bubble free.

Now it is ready to cut. Put the vinyl mat in to the machine and press start. After a few minutes your vinyl will be ready.

Step 7: Carefully Weed

Now carefully weed it. Weeding is the removing excess vinyl around your design. Carefully remove all the negative spaces.

Step 8: Use Armour Etch With Sponge

Carefully put the image on back of the dish and rub it to make sure that there are no bubbles. Now here comes the fun part. Taking precautions put some gloves on, then using your sponge apply the armour etch all over your design making sure that you don't go off any edges that you don't want to have etched.

After putting whole armour etch to the whole design you should wait for 15 minutes. It says for 5 minutes but I prefer to wait for 15 minutes.. After 15 minutes you can scrap off all the armour etch and put it back in the bottle to reuse for another time

Step 9: Rinse It Off Thoroughly

Last part is to wash your dish making sure all the etch is rinsed off. Taking care to take off all the vinyl. It will look a little light, but after it dries all the way it will become darker in color.

If you want to see this project in video form, check out our YouTube video we did for this here-