How to Edit an IMovie

Introduction: How to Edit an IMovie

Do you want to edit a video, but you don't know how to use iMovie? Then you have come to the right Instructable! All you will need is an apple computer and iMovie. Enjoy!

Step 1: Upload All of Your Media

For this step, you need to drag and drop all your media.

Step 2: Split

To edit it, you might wanna split it. To do this, you move your curser to where you want it to be split. Then, you press command B on your keyboard.

Step 3: Zoom In's

To do a zoom in, you click the button in the picture above. Then you click "ken burns". You move the start and end for where you want the zoom to begin, and end.

Step 4: Titles

You click the "titles" button, and double-click which title you want. Then on the pig picture of yourself, you type in what you want!

Step 5: Holding Zoom-In's

If you wan the zoom in to just go quickly and stay for as long as you want, click "crop to fill".

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your editing tips.