Introduction: How to Do Up Your Room

In my room, to dump all the stuff like my old toys, an old TV, and Bric-a-Brac. So it really made my room look dull. So felt kind of embarassed when people come to my place and see a HUGE wooden crate in my room. So my Mom gave me an idea, which would turn this embarasment into pride. So here I don't take full credit for this 'ible, I just drew the cartoon characters, my Mom did most of the painting, my Dad did a BIT, while my brother chose the characters, so you can call this a FAMILY project. Please comment and rate. Enjoy!!!!!!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

You don't need much.
  1) A place to paint (I used the crate I mentioned about before, but you can use your cupboard, or even your crib's wall!!)
  2) Paint (I used Acrylics, but I trhink you can use poster paints, but I'm not sure)
  3) A picture of watever you want to paint ( my brother chose Ed, Edd n Eddy, so here's the picture)

Step 2: Using the Surroundings

Just check out the surface you are going to draw and paint on. Does it have any cracks, or holes? Well, you can change this to your advantage too! Just get an idea on what to do on it, and paint the picture accordingly. Like I found a hole in my crate. I will show you how I modified it MY way later.

Step 3: The Drawing

To draw the picture properly, I drew a grid of 1 cm sq. on the printout of the picture that I took. Then using the scale 1cm=1", I drew 1" squares on the crate, equal to the number of cm sqs on the paper. Then I started drawing the characters one by one. I found the grid very helpful, so I recommend you use it too. So that pretty much covers this step. Draw the characters.

Step 4: Painting the Characters

The title pretty much tells you what to do. But let me give you some tips.
   1) While painting, always try to paint from the top to the bottom, and from the left to right. This prevents the problem of smudging.
   2) Try to finish using one colour and then move on to another colour.
   3) Don't forget to outline picture with black paint.

Step 5: Painting a Background

For this, I searched the net for a background that suits the charactersand I found one. So I painted that one here.

Step 6: How I Used the Hole

Here, since the Ed's are CRAZY about cash, I put a coin and a note in the hole that looks like a hole in the tree trunk. And I altered the picture so that their eyes, instead of staring down, they are staring at the bill. So you can use your imagination and use flaws to your advantage.

Step 7: You're Done!

So here is your finished product. And don't forget to put your signature anywhere in the picture. It is what I have seen professionals do. Hope you like it. Please comment and rate.