Introduction: Crown Sinnet (round) Neck Lanyard

                 Here is a neck lanyard I made for my Dad. I started it with , of course, the neck part, then made the crown sinnet  for decoration, and finished with a lanyard knot and a loop, to attach the badge or anything else.

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Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

So the stuff you'll need are:-
       1) 2 colours of 0.5 mm cord (around 1 ft. for the one with the lanyard and the loop, and 6" + the amount you want around your neck + around 2 - 4" for comfort)
        2)Any accessory (like a snap hook or keyring) (optional)
        3)A rubber band would help
        4) Super glue or a torch

Step 2: Starting the Project

First, tie the lanyard knot on the shorter end of cord, leaving an inch sized loop. Then mark a point after the lanyard, leaving a bit of space, about half an inch. Then take the other piece of cord, and leaving the big loop that goes around your head, place it at the marked part of the other cord, as shown. Secure it with a rubber band.

Step 3: Starting the Sinnet

Arrange the 4 ends of cord to make a "+" design with the neck lanyard in between. Fold the bottom cord straight above, then take the cord on the respective side (left if you folded the bottom cord to the left and right if you folded right). Check out the picture for help. Now you will have each side (left, right, up and down) divided into two parts. The the four cords coming from every alternate one. From this stitch onwards, DON'T fold any cord straight! If it is on the left half of the top end, fold it like it was coming from the right half, around the neck lanyard, and overlap using the same method for all the ends. After tying a few stitches, remove the rubber band and remove the slack. In the case of the cord that was used as the neck lanyard, no need to try to cut the slack the hard way (pulling the slack through all the stitches). Just hold the stitches and pull the neck lanyard loop. The slack for that colour should add to make the neck lanyard loop longer.

Step 4: Finishing the Sinnet

Once you feel you have tied enough, or you have run out of cord, you can cut and secure  the ends of the cord where you have ended the sinnet. You can secure the ends by melting the ends in the case of cords that can melt, and super gluing in the case of any other non-meltable cord.

Step 5: You're Done!

Okay, the title gave it away. So now you can have your own DIY neck lanyard. Enjoy!!!!!!!! Once again, please comment and rate.