How to Equip for Long Fishing Trips

Introduction: How to Equip for Long Fishing Trips

Here are tips and trick on what to bring on your long journey in the wilderness or just at camp.

Step 1: ALWAYS Carry a Knife!

Anyone that's Fishing for long periods of time in the outdoors should always carry a knife!!! because you never now when you might need one there are plenty of reasons

  1. To protect yourself or others from wildlife
  2. To cut the line if the fish is too big and could potentially pull you in
  3. To Carve stuff in your canoe/boat if there aren't very many bites

Step 2: Compact & Foldable Chairs

Chairs like these are fantastic (if your shore fishing) because when your on a long fishing trip or something you have it
  1. Because your probably going to be fishing for about 10-12 hours 
  2. Because when your done you can sit around the camp fire on your chair

(Tripod chairs like the picture above, are fantastic because they're Compact, comfy, light)

Step 3: Extra Reel

We've all been there, are line is so tangled you don't even want to untangle it or the mechanism breaks and you have to go home. 

But imagine on a 3 day vacation to remote lake and you go fishing in a boat for the first hour and your reel just decides to break and you didn't bring another one and have to go home.

so just pay the extra 20-50 dolars and buy an extra one instead of wasting at least $400.

Step 4: Extra Line

Extra line is always good to have.

Step 5: Tools

A Net, A lip gripper and pliers are the tools to keep your fish unharmed 
  1. use the net to land the fish
  2. use the lip gripper to have control of the fish 
  3. pliers to take out the hook

Step 6: Now Plan Your Trip

Always have a plan so people know where you are!

So Get on Fishing!!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey guys i would appreciate it if you guys voted for this (outdoors project contest)
    Please :D Its only my second instructable :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great photo to finish with, Happy fishing!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Stone_UFO for the complement!!! And good luck fishing!!! ( I can tell you fish by your profile pic) :-D


    8 years ago

    Hey man that picture of your knife is nice. I actually have one just like it.


    Reply 8 years ago

    Thanks! but actually its a cheap knife, but i recently bought a bear grylls knife the same size its great!