Introduction: Making a Ice Fishing Rod! (out of Some Household Items)

Ice Fishing rods are many meant to set the hook on a fish so really you don't need any fancy gear or stuff, In this step by step Instructable it will explain and show you how to make a ice fishing rod in minutes, with simple household items like: Clothes hangar, pen/pencil, fishing line with spool and pliers!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Making a homemade Ice fishing rod is as easy as opening your closet & tackle box. You will need:
  1. Clothes hanger (rod)
  2. Fishing line&spool (pretty self explanatory)
  3. Pencil & Pen (Handle)
  4. Pliers (To bend the  clothes hanger)

Step 2: Bending Into a Straight Line

Use the pliers because if you use you fingers its really going to hurt afterward!!! (i've learned the hard way)

Step 3: Straighten the Tiny Bends

You can use your finger for this.

Step 4: Bend Again!

Bend the extra wire straight, going to the side. ( you can use your hands again)

Step 5: Slide the Spool

Slide the spool onto the part of the hanger you just bent. (in step 4)

Step 6: Lock It In

Lock in the spool about a half a centimeter from where it lay's.

Step 7: Make the Loops

Bend some loops in the hangar for the eyes on the rod.

Step 8: Finish!

Add the Pencil/Pen as the handle and your done!

Good luck Fishing!!!

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