Introduction: How to Explain 3D Printers to Anyone

Here's how to easily explain 3D printing to anyone, in the age of short-span attention, and without geeking folk off...

Just 5 pictures!

Step 1: Extruder

The 3D printer is a Robot that spews plastic, just the same as Glue guns spew hot glue...

Step 2: It Works Like Legos!

...It creates then stuff, layer by layer, like a Lego build...

Step 3: Slicing!

It does so, because it slices 3D Objects into layers, and each one is a building step!

Step 4: Track Record

GRBL, a special code, will make the extruder go around in a track, so as to draw each layer right...

Step 5: Done!

It works that way, layer by layer, until done, and it even rings a Microwave Oven bell, at the end!