Introduction: How to Fake a Bruise

Okay, Halloween isn't coming anytime soon, but today I was messing with some ballpoint pens, and came up with a great, easy formula for a small bruise! Here's what you need:

Red Ballpoint Pen
Blue Ballpoint Pen

Purple Ballpoint Pen
Yellow Ballpoint Pen
Orange Ballpoint Pen

I showed pictures of the pen colors you need to have
(sorry for image quality this time - my camera broke down, so I'm using my computers camera)

Step 1: The Base

The base is red, so what you have to do is very lightly draw red lines across the skin. Choose either the hand, arm, or leg for your bruise. Never use this method in the face, because your facial skin is sensitive more sensitive than other areas.  Anyways, after your done putting on the red, lick the tip of your finger and rub it a little to blend the color. It should look a bit like a rash.

Step 2: Add the Blue

The next step is too add your blue. Again apply lightly. after your done, rub it really hard with your free hand. It's okay is you see little blue streaks. If it really bothers you, you can do the licking thing, but It will make the color lighter.

Step 3: A Few Extras...

YOUR DONE!!!! Wasn't that easy? wooo!

I bet your wondering where the other pen colors come in. If you're not satisfied with your bruise, add just a bit of the other colors. I hope you all like my second instructable! Have fun, but remember: With great power comes great responsibility....

Now go get some bruises! ^___^

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