Introduction: How to Fake a Laser Cut

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all the awesome people have laser cutters (kiteman, pier 9 and many more!). And with laser cutters come those cool burn marks on the side. So I decided I would try to fake it.

For the Epilog contest: if I had a laser cutter I would redo this project with a real laser cutter. (then I would do the rest of the K-man's i'bles)

Step 1: Acquire .PDF of Your Design

Acquire a .PDF of the design you want.

got the bowtie design from Kiteman's (awesome) instructable.

Step 2: L̶a̶s̶e̶r̶ Cut It!

Print out your .PDF and staple it to your wood. Now break out that reciprocating saw (that has sat forgotten for months) and cut it out. using a bandsaw would probably be better but the saw broke on mine so.......

Step 3: Fake It

now for the magic!

First tape everything but the sides. Then get a blowtorch (parental guidance required) and burn the sides. I noticed that if you hold it in one place everywhere but where you are pointing turns black so the more you move the more the burn marks!

Step 4: Show Off Your Laser Cut Item

now show people (or dogs) your awesome (fake) laser cut :)

and now here is a GIF for your troubles

Instructable Robot

Step 5:

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