Introduction: How to Fix a Psp Battery!


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this mod has been made on a psp 1000

and some soldering skill is required.

i will not be responsible on any of the damage that could be done.

ok i wanted to play after so many years to my old psp 1000 but sadly on those machines after so many years most of the battery packs are dead.

and new battery pack on amazon and ebay are way to shady...

so here ill show you what i done to fix and improve my psp battery!

without removing the umd drive or damage your console!

(note the mod is perfectly removable in 1min)

Step 1: What You Will Need

here what you will need:

  1. a dead psp battery with a sacrificial battery cover (note a original battery is preferred for accurate battery levels)
  2. some barrel plugs (preferred if you want to swap battery packs)
  3. some battery holders: depends of the battery style you want,ill show some example later.
  4. some Velcro double sided tape.(needed for easy pack removal.)

you'll can find most of it on ebay aliexpress or amazon.

Step 2: Wiring of the Battery

this is where we need the dead psp battery and the cover.

psp battery are easy to open .

the plastic is soft and a simple knife along the sides will do the trick.

inside you'll find the charging board we will need and the dead li ion cell.

don't damage ,shortcut or pierce them those thing are literally small bombs when damaged.

the soldering is straight forward,you'll find the battery soldering points where you can remove the cell and solder the wires.

the labels where you can solder are B+ and B-, sometime it is called LD1 and LD2 but LD1 is the positive side generally.

don't mix polarities or you can kill the battery charging board.

after the soldering done you can throw the dead cell, pierce the battery shell and the cover.

the plastics are so soft you can use a screw driver to do it.

then you can tape everything together and put the barrel plugs.

Step 3: Various Battery Configurations!

as you can see you can have some battery configuration with various pros and cons. ill show here 3 interesting configurations and why i like them.note every battery pack should be around 3.7 V so caution when you make your pack any mistakes can kill the psp.

we will put 3 AA battery in series because each AA battery output 1.2v and you get 3.6v with 3 of them in series.

1. a pack of 3 rechargeable AA in series :


easy to find:


can't use the psp charger (need a ni mh charger)

long charge time.

around the same capacity as a original psp battery pack

weight a ton

now we will use some 18650 batteries,they already output 3.6v so we will use them alone or in parallel to increase battery life without increasing the voltage output.(use them in series and you could kill the psp.

2. one 18650 battery


can use the psp charger (li ion)


easy to find in most ecig shops,or dead laptops

around the same weight as the regular psp battery.

around the same capacity as a regular psp battery


add some bulk

can put the battery backward and kill the psp battery charge circuit .

around the same capacity as a regular psp battery

3. two 18650 battery in parallel :


can use the psp charger but prefer a separate li ion charger

can remove 1 battery in case of need.

long battery life (really long,can be up to 3 time and can last more than a day of gameplay! 7000mah!)


charge can be long with the psp charger

bulky and heavy.

extra: use a 5v powerbank instead of a battery with a adapter usb cable (i have been asked a lots on this one)

pros:easy to find

easy to charge by usb

long battery life


unpractical with cables and bulky

can't see battery levels in game.

the psp without a battery has a so low current draw the powerbank will cut if the console goes to sleep for a long period of time. rebooting your console and killing any unsaved game...

extra 2: use a lipo/li-ion pouch cell (by popular demand)

pros:low profile and light weight

high capacity.

no holder

use the psp charger


fragile ,and really easy to damage so you will need to remove the umd drive and hide the battery inside the psp.

permanent damage on the console shell and not removable without some plugs.

dangerous (it lack all the protective metal casing of a 18650 cell,so after damages it can inflate or explode inside the console shell)

hard to find the right size

can be expensive

charges can be long

Step 4: Final Result!

note:you'll need to hook a psp charger to boot the first time after a battery swap. official battery tend to shut down and lock itself when it detect no battery cell ,so the psp start only after the battery get a small charge.

hope you enjoy the mod and long life to your psp!