Introduction: How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

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  • Fix a sagging mattress in minutes
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  • Can help sore back and shoulders
  • Fix a hotel mattress

Lie on the mattress and roll from one edge of the mattress to the other edge to get an idea of where the saggy areas are. It is best to do this in the morning when the mattress has been packed down. Put a pile of cardboard on TOP of the mattress to fill the depression(s). More layers of cardboard will be placed over the saggiest areas and less towards the edges of the depression. Repeat rolling from edge to edge and add/adjust cardboard until the saggy areas are filled in.

Now take the stack of cardboard and move it UNDER the mattress. If you have a box-spring the cardboard will be between the box-spring and mattress, if you don't have a box-spring place it on the bed frame as in the second picture. Roll from edge to edge again and adjust the cardboard if necessary. You may have to add a few pieces of cardboard in the future if the mattress sags more.

Step 1:

How to Fix a Saggy Hotel Mattress

Lay on the mattress to find the saggy spots, usually the hip area. Lift up the mattress and place spare towels, the extra blanket or a pillow underneath the depression. See picture 1.

How to help Sore Shoulders if you are a Side Sleeper

If your shoulders get sore from sleeping on your side, put a stack of cardboard under the mattress, but leave a depression for your shoulders. Experiment with thick (2 to 3 inch) stacks of cardboard that stop where your nipples are. More of your weight will be on your side and not your shoulders. Also try using a thicker pillow or two pillows for you head. See picture 2.