Introduction: How to Fold a Cloth Napkin Into a Rose Shape

Today I will be demonstrating how to fold a rose flower from a simple cloth napkin.


1 or more cloth napkins

1 pen or pencil

Box of markers and/or a sharpie (optional)

Step 1: Obtain Your Materials

A. One or more cloth napkins depending on the number of decorations you desire.

B. One pen and/or pencil to act as a stem and to assist in, creasing the folds

C. One box of markers or a sharpie pen if you are not using a colored napkin and would like to decorate the flower

Step 2: Prepare Your Materials

A. Find a flat area on a table

B. Place your unfolded cloth napkin flat on the table with one corner facing towards yourself

C. Have your pen or pencil close by

D. Open your box of markers if available

Step 3: Make Your First Fold

A. Fold your napkin in half going away from yourself to form a large triangle shape, the tip of the triangle should be facing away from yourself

B. Crease the fold with the pen or pencil to ensure the napkin stays flat

Step 4: Fold the Triangle From the Bottom Edge

A. Begin making sequential folds from the bottom edge of the triangle about 1-2 inches in width

B. If you would like the flower portion of the rose to be larger, make the sequential folds thinner, approximately .5-1 inch of width for each fold

C. Crease each fold with the pencil or pen for better results

Step 5: Finish the Sequential Folds

A. Continue performing the sequential folds until the top unfolded portion of the triangle is approximately twice as large as the folded portion

B. Crease the last fold with a pen or pencil

Step 6: Flip Your Folded Napkin Over

A. Holding the napkin tightly to ensure the folds do not come apart, flip the folded napkin 180 degrees over towards yourself so that the fold coming over the top is facing you

Step 7: Roll the Napkin From One Side

A. Choose a side either left or right and begin to tightly roll the folded napkin up all the way to the opposite end

B. Be sure to keep the top edge of the roll even as it will eventually form the rose flower itself

Step 8: Insert the Loose End of the Roll Into the Underside of the Flower

A. Once the roll is complete take the end piece of your now rolled flower and push it into the underside of the outmost layer of the flower roll being careful to not push the flower apart while you perform this

Step 9: Pull the Two Bottom Layers Out

A. Under the newly formed flower bud, slowly and carefully pull the two bottom pieces out these will form the leaves in the next step

B. Be careful not to pull the entire flower apart as you pull the underside folds out

Step 10: Form the Leaves of the Rose

A. Take one of the newly formed underside layers into one hand with your flower in the other hand, pull the layers out one at a time out and away from the flower as well as slightly up to form each leaf

B. The leaves should be opposite one another, but can be formed in any fashion you desire

Step 11: Display Your Decoration

A. Insert a pen or pencil into the flower to act as a stem

B. Place rose flower in a cup or basket for decoration

C. If a colored napkin has not been used, you may want to decorate the flower with a sharpie or marker