Introduction: How to Fold a T-Shirt Like a Pro!

Want to find out how can I fold a T-shirt like a Pro! To be honest, I found it troublesome to make my cloth but after founding this method it has become one of the fun activities of my daily life. And I strongly believe, in the future, it will be yours!T-shirt is a common attire in everyone's house! Managing them maybe you can face trouble or waste a lot of time. But today I have come with a T-shirt folding hacks which can save a lot of your valuable time.

Step 1:

To make that happen first place the T-shirt out flat then smooth it out to remove any wrinkles. Imagine a vertical and a horizontal line. One that goes across the middle of the shirt, and one that goes top to bottom between the collar and the left sleeve.

Step 2:

Then Mark the middle one as A, the top of the shirt is going to be marked B, and the bottom of the shirt as C.

Step 3:

Then pinch point A with your right-hand then pinch point B with your left hand. Then bring point B down to point C. Now you have to uncross your arms and lay the shirt face down on the table.

Step 4:

Then use the table or the space you are using to fold the T-shirt. And Done