Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Crane

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This is a fairly simple, fun origami project to do with intermediate folders. There are only a couple hard folds in this project, but they aren't extremely difficult.

Step 1: Materials

To make the origami crane, you will need a square piece of paper, (any size) and a flat workspace.

Step 2: The Corner Fold

With your square sheet of paper, make a single diagonal fold across the surface, and unfold.

Step 3: Half Folds

Fold the sheet of paper in half to create a rectangle. Unfold, and create another rectangle fold in the opposite direction. Unfold completely.

Step 4: Refold

Fold the paper diagonally, in the same direction as in step 3. Next, fold the triangle in half horizontally.

Step 5: Square Fold

Fold the top flap of the triangle up vertically, and press down on the back creating a square/diamond shape. Flip the paper over, repeating the same step to create a complete square.

Step 6: Center Folds #1

Fold the top right flap to the center line, and repeat step for left flap. Fold the small top triangle down overtop of the previous folds. Unfold completely.

Step 7: Center Folds #2

Turn the model over, and repeat step 6 with remaining flaps, except for folding the top down. Once again, unfold.

Step 8: Diamond Fold

With the square's opening facing you, carefully fold the top flap up, firmly creasing the inside of the diamond. Fold the left side of the diamond to the center. Repeat step with right flap. Turn model over, repeating the step entirely. You finished model should look like this.

Step 9: Diamond Center Folds

With the "Legs" side of the diamond facing you, fold the top right flap to the center line. Repeat step with left side. Turn the model over, and repeat step entirely. Now you model should look like this.

Step 10: Wing Folds

Fold the top flap vertically down, as far as it can go comfortably. Turn the model over and repeat step with the opposing side.

Step 11: Neck Fold

With either of the sides, fold the top right flap over to the left, creating a new flap. Fold the new flap up carefully, as far as it will go. Your model should now look like this.

Step 12: Folding the Head

With the new flap, fold a small head down, about the third of the length of the neck. Next, fold the top left flap over top of the neck, creasing firmly on the neck. With the head, push it inside of the neck, firmly creasing once again. Carefully pull the head out, and shape it to the desired look. Your model should look like this.

Step 13: Folding the Tail

Fold the top left flap to the right side of the crane, creating a long flap pointing downwards. With the flap, fold it upwards to the left of the head, creating a tail. Fold the top right flap over top of the tail, and onto the left flap. Crease firmly

Step 14: Adjustments

Now you have your nearly finished crane. If the bottom of the crane is not level, you can adjust the tail by pulling it out, and pulling it up. Crease firmly when perfected.

Step 15: Final Step

Now for the final step: blow softly into the small hole in the bottom of the crane, inflating the body.

Step 16: Crane Sizes

I have experimented with many crane sizes, and have created an extremely tiny one. it is just shy of a centimeter in body length. I hope you enjoyed the instructable! Comment if you have any questions or thoughts, and make sure to share this with friends!

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