Introduction: How to Generate .hex File From Arduino IDE, Simulate Arduino on Proteus

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I hope this instructables will help you in some way for your proteus+arduino learning process.

Step 1: Adding Arduino Library in Proteus

First you need to add arduino library to proteus.
Download attached zip file and extract it, there will be two files in zip and you need to copy them.

Or you can download library from :

  • Copy both .IDX and .LIB files
  • Go to your program files folder>labcenter electronics>Proteus 8 Professional>LIBRARY
    e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\LIBRARY
  • Now paste both of the file here you copied in first step.

Now open proteus software and you can find arduino boards in proteus.

Step 2: Generate HEX File From Arduino IDE

Now you need to get .hex file of your code from arduino IDE as you need the file for proteus simulation

  • Open your Arduino IDE software and click on file at top left and goto preference window
  • There you will find "show verbose output during:" and click on compilation as you can see in attached picture.
  • Now compile your code according to your arduino board, I'm using Arduino UNO.
  • After compiling the code, you can check you hex file location at bottom of window.(see attached picture)
  • Copy the hex file location address or go to location and copy .hex file.

Step 3: Arduino Simulation

After coping hex file location, now we are going to create our first arduino (LED Blinking) project in proteus.

  • Select the components from component list according to attached video with this instructables.
  • Click on arduino board and give it your .hex file location path and run the project.

You can find complete process in video.

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