Introduction: How to Get the Play Store on a Kindle (no Root)

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Super easy 5 minute instructable. No geekyness required!

Step 1: Overview

You have a kindle and probably have found that Amazon's app store has a somewhat...meager selection. Although Amazon's "underground" selection is quite pleasing, half the apps are crap and you rarely can ever find what you are looking for. Despite Amazon's attempts to trap people in its jungle of an app store (that was a lame one, I know) I went on a quest for the much sought for play store. Once I had figured this out, it only took me about 5 minutes to set up on another Kindle. Enough of this clever banter! lets get onto the instructable! Unless of course, you just skipped over all of that stuff. Well played, well played.

Step 2: Download

Download Es File Explorer, which is in the Amazon app store, fortunately.

Step 3: Enable "apps From Unknown Sources"

Go to Settings -> security -> apps from unknown sources. It will give you a routine warning that only applies if you are downloading viruses ; )

Step 4: Download These Files

Go to your freshly installed Es file explorer and press "add" (Its under favorites). Paste this in the PATH box
( http:/ ) and then write something like " play store" in the second box. Hit add and then go back to favorites and it should be at the bottom of the list. Use the top link on the list. Tap on the top link then on the top right where there are three dots. tap on them then tap open in browser. Select the Es Download option. Do this for all the APK files

Step 5: Install

OK, now that you've got that done, go to downloads and you should see the four files you just downloaded. Tap on it and select install. Repeat for all four.

Step 6: So Close!!!!

All you need to do is download YouTube from the play store. When you open YouTube it will ask you to update google play services. yahoo!!

Step 7: Fin

You now have google play installed on your kindle! Please comment with any questions or just to let me know what you think! : )