Introduction: How to Give Voldemort a Nose in Photoshop

This tutorial describes how I gave Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies a nose and red eyes using two images and Photoshop. Let's start with the nose...



Step 1: Place Images in Photoshop

First, obtain two PNG images: one of Lord Voldemort and one of a nose facing the same direction. Open up photoshop and make your image of Voldemort the background layer. I named this layer "Voldemort." In another layer, place an image of a nose. Name this layer "Nose." Resize and rotate the nose to fit Voldemort's face.

Step 2: Create Layer Mask

Now you need to remove the surrounding skin from your nose image. On the Nose layer, use the lasso tool to select only the nose and not the surrounding skin. Click "Add Vector Mask" in the Layers menu to separate your selection from the rest of the nose image.

Step 3: Adjust Mask Around Nose

Use the Brush tool to adjust the mask so that it removes the skin from around the nose. Use a softer brush around the edges of the nose to make the sides less sharp against Voldemort's face.

Step 4: Create Fill Layer

Now it's time to start fixing the color. Click "Create a new fill or adjustment layer" and select "Hue/Saturation".

Step 5: Mask Color Around Nose

On this fill layer, use the brush tool with 100% hardness to mask away the rest of his face and the background so that the layer only affects his nose. When painting this mask, I changed the hue and saturation to make the difference between the background image and the mask easier to see. Then, using a smaller brush, carefully fill in the edges around the nose. It’s okay if this isn’t perfect, but get it as close as possible. I mistakenly used too soft of a brush around the edges, which left a faint outline of the original color around the nose.

Tip: White paints more of your mask whilst black erases it.

Step 6: Adjust Nose Color

Adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness to match the color of his nose to his face. I ended up with a Hue of -143, a Saturation of -85, and a Lightness of -4.

Step 7: Add Texture

Use the healing brush tool to match the texture of his nose to his face. Alt+click on the skin just above his nose so that you can paint the rest of the nose this texture.

Tip: Use samples of the texture on the sides around his nose as well to continue the vein-y look of his face onto the sides of his nose.

Step 8: Finished Nose!

Hooray, you gave Voldemort a nose! You can stop here if that's all you wanted to do, but I want to continue with the makeover and give Voldemort a different eye color as well.

Step 9: Select the Irises

Select both of his irises (the colored part of the eye) using the Quick Selection tool. This selection doesn't have to be perfect, but you must include the entire iris in your selection.

Step 10: Create a Fill Layer

From your background layer, click "Create a new fill or adjustment layer" and then choose "Hue/Saturation".

Step 11: Adjust Mask Around Irises

Use the Brush tool to shape the mask around the iris. Remember, white paints more of your mask whilst black erases it. Try to entirely remove the color from the white of the eye so that only the iris will be affected by this layer.

Tip: Use the "X" key to switch between white and black.

Step 12: Adjust Iris Color

Adjust Hue, Saturation, and Lightness to achieve your desired eye color. I chose a Hue of 357, a Saturation of 63, and a Lightness of -22. I used the "Colorize" option for this step as well.

Step 13: Decrease Opacity

If you wish to, you can decrease the opacity of the Hue/Saturation Layer to let Voldemort's natural eyes show through a bit. I decreased the opacity to 76% on my image. Decreasing the opacity does let some blue color show, so you'll need to go back and readjust the saturation of your color.

Step 14: Done!

You've done it! Voldemort now has a nose and fun red eyes. That's all for this tutorial.