Introduction: How to Grow Luffa From Seeds

In my case growing luffa is easy.I have my very own luffa plant.I have no major illness in my plant.And you also get luffa sponges if you follow instructions OK without further delay let's get into it.

The steps:-

  • Preparing the pot for nursery
  • Preparing the seeds
  • Preparing the pot
  • Transplanting

Step 1: Preparing the Pot for Nursery

When preparing the pot for nursery you can use multi purpose compost which is great for your luffa plant add some manure to the compost too so you make the first step of the luffa successful !!!

Make sure you keep the pot wet at all times

Step 2: Preparing the Seeds

We need some luffa seeds. and just before adding then to soil you need to use a nail clipper to cut a small part(sooooooo small,just a bit)off the luffa seeds we do this to make it easier for the roots to come out beacouse luffa seed has a strong protective layer over them.

And now you're ready to put them in soil !!!

Step 3: Preparing the Pot

for this task you can use some multi purpose compost just make shure that the soil is wet at all times.And oh don't forget to pot a small layer of rocks at the bottom of the pot.

Step 4: Transplanting

The transplantation processes can be done easily

  • Carefully dig up the soil.
  • Dig a hole in the prepared pot.
  • Put the plant into it(try to do this with minimum shaking of the plant).
  • Water it daily.

And don't forget to make a place for the vines to curl up.

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