Introduction: How to Grow Strawberries Out of Strawberries

If you like to start gardening and wanted to experiment with growing things this is the Instructables for you!

In this, we will embark on a journey to see if you can truly grow strawberries out of a real strawberry! In the end not only will you have amazing fruit to eat, but you will also save a few bucks too! If you want to do this you gotta remember growing plants don't take overnight! You have to give it time and patient. Now without further to do let's get started!!

Step 1: Step 1: Supplies!

To start your Journey in growing strawberries from seed to fruit is to get you supplies!

supplies include...

1. an organic strawberry

2. zip block bag

3. paper towel

4. spray bottle with water

5. nutritious soil (potting soil will do)

6. eggshell (or a paper towel insert will work)


8. tray (plastic or silicon)

9. plastic bag

10. elastic band

Step 2: Step 2: Picking Seeds

To start it is, of course, important to get the seeds we're trying to grow. Since this project is about how to grow strawberries of another, we would have to gather the seeds. To get the seeds I would suggest you take an object like a toothpick or tweezers. Then take your strawberry, and start to pick the seeds out! This can take a long time so I'd suggest to put on a movie or TV show and start picking. I would also recommend do pick more seeds then you think you'll need. And to pick darker seeds because the darker ones are most likely to sprout.

Step 3: Step 3: Starting the Germination

Before your seeds can start growing in the soil, it needs to sprout! To do so, I'm going to show how to do it the easiest way.

First off, you will need to take your zip block bag, paper towel, and a spray bottle filled with water. Fold or cut your paper towel to fit the size of the zip block bag. Then wet your paper towel to the point where it's wet without it dripping with water. It should be well moist. After, put your seeds on top of the wet paper towel. Once you've done the steps above, you can now put the paper towel with seeds in the ziplock bag. Now you can tape it on your window where there will be lots of sunlight. Water it once the paper towel starts to dry. You do this by opening the zip block bag and spray your water in. You should wait for the seeds to start sprouting a whitetail, (you can see on the last image on the bottom middle there's a little whitetail). Mine started to sprout after a week and a half, so you should be patient and don't give up!

Step 4: Step 4: Ready for Growing!

Once your seeds have the whitetail a leaf would start to pop up a day or two after the tail. You will now need to plant it as soon as possible or it will die.

To prepare your container to grow in you, could either use an eggshell or a toilet paper roll. Here I used an egg. You will need to crack it open with a spoon. You can do this by tapping the top until it breaks. Empty out the egg and wash it clean. After, fill your egg a bit more than halfway up the top with soil. Use a toothpick to dig a small hole. Gently take the seed out of the bag and plant is so the leaf is showing up at the top. Then place it on your tray with another paper towel to on it. Place this in a nice and warm sunny window. But make sure don't overwater, only water when the soil is dry. Like 1-2 sprays of water every day.

Step 5: Step 5: Ready to Plant

Once your plants have grown into a decent size (like the picture) you can now plant in a big pot or outside. However, this could take months to do. But you will know when the roots are overcrowded in the egg. When you want to plant outside I would suggest in the spring (late March or April). Now that's how to start growing your strawberry army! Just remember to be patient because stuff doesn't just grow overnight! Now have fun planting!