Introduction: How to Hem Clothing With Iron on Adhesive

Here is a fast way to Hem clothing with iron-on adhesive. It's an easy alternative for those who don't know how to sew and always need to tailor their clothes.


Iron-on adhesive
Pencil or pen
2 pins

Step 1: Before Starting

Make sure pants or clothing item is clean. Put pants/ jeans on, make sure you are wearing shoes. Stand in front of a mirror and using a pin mark where you want the hem of your pants/jeans to be. Use the mirror to make sure it looks even. Remove your pants and flip them inside out.
Place the pants/jeans in a flat surface or ironing board, making sure you align the crotch area and bottom.

Step 2: How to Start

With a ruler measure from the bottom of the pants to where the pin you placed is. Make a mark with a pencil or pen (make sure pants are inside out) and remove the pin. Do the same on other leg making sure both legs are the same length.

Step 3: Cutting Original Hem

Cut the original hem as close to the stitches as you can. Do the same to the other leg.

Step 4: Creating New Hem

Heat up your iron. Once done, fold the bottom of the pants/jeans up to the edge of the pencil marker you made and iron down around the bottom of the leg. Fold the bottom once more, making the edge of the fold a guide and iron down once more all around the bottom of the leg. You should have two folds.

Step 5: Adding the Adhesive

Now wrap the iron-on adhesive around the hem of the pants/jeans and cut it to the length you need. Place it inside the hem making sure it's not peeking out. Iron the adhesive on medium heat and no steam until it melts. Keep adding pressure to it.

Step 6: Check and Repeat (if Needed)

Wait until it cools off and check hem to make sure it's glued together. If there's pockets around the hem then add extra heat to the area that didn't glue and repeat the process for that area only.

Step 7: The Results

After you're done flip pants over and give them a try! They should be ready to wear!

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