Introduction: How to Hide a Chest (Easily Accessible)

Ever wanted to hide your chest without using expensive redstone or creative thinking? All you need is a hoe and your items and you can hide your secrets from everyone in plain sight!

Step 1: Finding "Fountation"

First off, you want to find yourself a hill. It can be as steep as your want.

Step 2: Excavation

Now you want to dig out six blocks like you see here. Make sure the surroundings are either dirt or grass (not stone/sand) so the blocks on top of this will not be out of the ordinary.

Step 3: Covering Up

Just cover up the hole you dug with dirt or grass.

Step 4: Access

Now you want to hoe the blocks you placed to cover the hole. So now you should have hoed the four blocks above and to the side of your chest. Also you can see there is a small crack between the hoed blocks. Make sure your cursor is somewhere on that line and right click. This is how you will access your chest.

Step 5: Grab and Go

Go ahead and store your expensive items in this chest now!

Step 6: Finished!

Now, jump up and down on the hoed blocks to hide your secret. The beauty of this design is that you can access this secret chest whenever you want and no one will be able to find it! Enjoy and make sure to give positive suggestions!