Introduction: How to Highlight Text in Photoshop

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Learn how to highlight text in Photoshop using one of these simple techniques.

Step 1: Add Tour Text

Add a Text Layer in Photoshop using the Type Tool.

Or, use a text paragraph from a Word document, PDF file, etc. To make a text screenshot, click on the PrtScn button on your keyboard. Then press Control-V in Photoshop to paste the screenshot.

Step 2: Highlight Text Photoshop Action

To highlight a text in Photoshop use one of these three methods:

  • Highlight Text in Photoshop - use this free Photoshop action to create a highlight text effect in just a few seconds. You have 7 highlight effects to choose from like ribbon, outline, underline, highlight, etc.
  • Use the Brush Tool to create highlighted text. Pick a simple round brush or use a marker brush for more realistic results.

  • Use the Rectangle Tool or the Ellipse Tool to add a text border. Make the shape transparent and add a Stroke layer style. Set the size and the color of the outline.

In Photoshop you don't have a highlight text button like in Word for example. This is why you have to use other methods to highlight text.

Step 3: Highlight Text Using the Brush Tool

If you want to highlight text using the Brush Tool, do the following:

  1. Add a Text layer (or a text screenshot)
  2. Pick a simple Hard Round Brush.
  3. Choose a color that you like. Popular colors for highlighting text are neon yellow or neon green.
  4. Create a new layer above the Text Layer. Hold down the Shift key and drag the brush across the text. For now the text will be covered by the color.
  5. Set the blend mode of the Highlight Layer to Multiplyor simply place the layer below the Text Layer.

Step 4: Highlighted Text in Photoshop

So this is how you can highlight text in Photoshop. You can either use the Photoshop action or you can use the Brush Tool and a simple brush.

If you don't have Photoshop you can highlight text online using the MockoFun text editor.

Step 5: Highlight Text Online With MockoFun

If you don't have Photoshop, you can also highlight text online using MockoFun online text editor. This text generator gives you lots of options for highlighting text and also for creating other text effects.

The highlight text is useful if you want to add text to photo and also if you want to replace text in a photo. For example, if you want to add meme text use this effect.

Step 6: Highlight Text in CSS

Did you know that you can also highlight text in CSS?

Just like on paper, you highlight text in a HTML page to draw attention to important sections, paragraphs or group or words. On paper you might use a marker, highlighter or even a colored pen or pencil, but how do you highlight text in HTML using CSS?

Check out this highlight text CSS tutorial and learn 7 cool ways to highlight text in CSS.