Introduction: How to Improve Your Little Gift (English)

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Hey guys!!
Today I will present to you a way to '' improve '' any small gift that you'll give to someone.
It's very simple and everything you already have at home.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

- Cardboard box
- Gift wrapping paper
- Scotch tape
- Strong adhesive tape
- Plastic bubble
- Brick
- Paper and pen

Step 2: Found a Box

Find a cardboard box

It can be any box (walmart, supermarket, amazon, and others).
The size is to your liking, but the higher the better hehe

Step 3: Preparing the Box

To make our present a little heavier, we'll put a '' small '' brick (or whatever else you want) in the center of the box and fix it with small balls of paper around.

To entourage the brick, give it a name.

P.S.: Wrap the brick with adhesive tape to prevent it from releasing any impurity in the box.

Step 4: Hiding the Surprise

Put some bubble wrap to hide our friend and also to protect the present

Step 5: Put the Present Itself

Place the centered gift in the box

Step 6: Protecting the Present

Put more plastic bubble (quite) over the present

Step 7: Closing the Box

Close the box and seal with tape.

Step 8: Leaving Things Harder

The harder it is to open the box, the better
The person tends to be more anxious and create a greater expectation and everything.

Use a strong adhesive tape

Step 9: Making the Box Nice

Wrap the box with your favorite gift wrap.

Secure the gift wrap with ordinary adhesive tape if the person is to open the carton carefully until the paper is loaded and used again.

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