Introduction: WOW Horde Coasters

About: Brazilian guy in love with things made by myself

Hello guys, this is my first instructables project and I'm Brazilian, so please forgive me for any mistake or anything.
I hope you like it.

So, for my first project i wanna made something that i'll use in my day by day with an game thematic, so i chose the World of Warcraft Horde's Flag.

Step 1: Materials

- ETHYL VINYL ACETATE Sheet (in Brazil we call it E.V.A)
- MDF 3mm
- Transparent acrylic 3mm
- Aging Ink - Tobacco Color
- Styrofoam Glue
- Brush
- Stiletto
- (Optional) Varnish

Step 2: Setting the Projet on Computer

In this project, all the pieces I will cut them in a machine of cut a laser so that the cut is very precise and all fit perfectly. For this, it is necessary to elaborate a vector design in order for the cutting program to recognize where the machine should cut in the materials.
I used CorelDraw for this. If you wanted the project, please contact me and I will send you an email.

Step 3: Painting the MDF 3mm

I used a small piece of 3mm mdf I had around here. To give a wood effect, I used a tobacco-coloring aging paint. At the time of painting it is important to always carry out complete movements from edge to edge to make the painting more realistic. It is interesting to leave some parts with the paint less spread so that of a contrastre like the fibers of the wood, a little darker.

I forgot to take a picture of how it was after it was dry, pardon me. You'll get an idea when I go to laser cutting.

Step 4: MDF Laser Cut

Well, it's kind of complicated to find someone who has a laser machine in there so you can use it for free, but usually those small cuts come out really cheap, especially if you make several of them.
You can look for companies that work with shop fronts, or even some crafts or a joiner.

I painted the mdf before the cut, because in past tests, it was quite complicated to remove the paint that was allocated in the corners of the internal cut.

Step 5: E.V.A Laser Cut

The EVA is very thin and soft, so it's very easy to trim it. Suggest that the cutting of the machine is done very quickly so that the back part is not too burned.

It is also important to emphasize that the less wavy or wrinkled the EVA is the less the better the cut is, so it fits better in the final part of the assembly.

Step 6: Acrylic Laser Cut

Careful when cutting the pieces that go in acrylic (the coat of the horde) the small parts of the middle can fall and disappear (I lost 3 of them heheh).

At the end of the cut, be sure to remove the plastic behind the trimmed pieces. I recommend using a stylus to facilitate removal

Step 7: Checking Everything We Have So Far

At the end of the cuts, we must have 1 piece of each in the 1: 1: 1 ratio

Make sure that the acrylic pieces fit perfectly into the mdf parts, otherwise the assembly process can be complicated or even not happen.

Step 8: Fixing MDF and Acrylic Pieces

This part is very simple, but be careful that the glue does not contact the top or bottom of the acrylic, something in its composition tends to stain the acrylic.

Pass the glue on the sides of the acrylic pieces, small drips on 4 sides. Attach to the MDF, if any traces of glue appear, always clean so as not to let it come in contact with the surface of the acrylic.

Step 9: Attaching EVA to Main Part

Turn the MDF and EVA, burnt part up. Pass the styrofoam glue on the MDF, again be careful with the acrylic, place very fine drips so they do not spread too much at the end of the EVA attachment.

Part burned with burned part, check the corners and attach the EVA on the MDF.

Step 10: Optional Finalizing the Project

If you plan to use the coasters, I recommend using a varnish to protect the MDF from water (it swells). I used spray varnish, about 5 hands. Always waiting to dry between the hands.