Introduction: How to Install Hardwood Floor (it's Really Easy)

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Everyone knows, that hardwood floor looks pretty cool, but not everyone knows, that it is also really easy to install. I will show You how to do that.

You will need:

- hardwood tiles

- glue/adhesive (I like to use one compomnent glue, because it is easy to applly)

- sealant

- saw (the best is mitter saw or any other electric saw)

- spatula with 'tooths'

Step 1: Preparing the Floor

You should install the hardwood on well prepared floors. By that I mean that the floor is clean and vacuumed.

Then You need to use sealant to make better and stronger gluing.

Wait 12-24hours after applying the sealant to the floor. And rememebr to open the window in the room in which You are working. The sealants and glues could be not very good to Your health

Step 2: First Steps

First You need to start. For this I recommend to cut some poor quality tiles (ie. with knots) and start with them.

I like the most to install the hardwood in the 'sailing pattern'. This is not only the easiest way, but also looks pretty good.

Next thing You have to remember is to left some space between wood and walls (0,4-0,7inch). It is because the wooden floor could 'work' under some certain conditions and move a little (it depends of how much water is in the air).

Step 3: Installing the Hardwood

Now take the spatula and put the glue on the floor. If You are using rubber adhesive You don't need to rush. It doesn't dry very fest. Of course the rubber, one component adhesive isn't the best choice for all wood, but it is easy to apply and most universal glue.

If You find hard to place one tile in another, You could use wooden mallet or normal hammer. Rememebr however to not hit in the tile directly because You will do irrevercible damage. Use some other tile and hit through it.

And that's all in fact.

As I said. It is easy. Very easy. It is also veeeery boring and time consuming task ;-)