Introduction: How to Install a Wireless Surveillance Security Camera System Canavis

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In today's video we are taking a look at how simple and easy is to install a wireless surveillance security camera system. This system is called The Canavis Wireless NVR 720p System. If you are interested in this system here is the link

Here is the link

Step 1: Lets Go Ahead and Install the Hard Drive

The first thing that we are going to do , is verify that we have a sata hard drive. Then remove all 4 screws from the casing. And now align both power and data cables according to the hard drive. And dont worry , it can only be installed one way.

Step 2: Verify Where You Want the Cameras to Be Located At

The most important thing of any system is to make sure that you locate your cameras where the most traffic or most burnable location in your home or office is or where your valuables are located.

Step 3: Cable Instalation

Now we want to go ahead and connect the cables according to your device. You can choose from vga or hdmi conection when getting a video feed. And you can even choose to have your device online or not.

Step 4: Now That the System Is On

Now we can go ahead and dowload our remote view app, in this case we are using the danale app. With this app we can view our home or office from a talbet, smartphone whether its ios or android. the system also comes with a cd that gives you the ability to install the remote viewing program in your pc or computer.

Step 5: Format Hard Drive and Youre Done

Once we have installed the danale app , now we can go ahead and format our hard drive. The system is going to prompt you to format the hard drive , so you can take advantage of recording any eventuality that may occur, you can choose from motion detect, to always recording or only when the according alarms are activated.