Introduction: How to Install a Under the Sink Water Filter With Faucet Culligan EZ 1

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In todays video we are taking a look at how simple and easy is to install the Culligan EZ 1 Under the sink home or office filtration system with dedicated faucet. This system is super easy to install, and once your 3,000 gallons of water is filtered or 12 months are up which ever come first, the replacement of the filter is even easier. With the no mess technology you are able to twist and turn to install or to replace your filter, and we at statupbox consider that everything that is that simple to operate and use deserves a thumbs up.

Culligan US-EZ-1 EZ-Change Undersink Drinking Water Filtration System with Dedicated Faucet, Basic 3,000 Gallon Filter Included

Replacement filter 3,000 gallon

Advance 500 gallon replacement filter

The EZ-Change Under-Sink Filter features a 3,000-gallon capacity, and it is NSF certified for drinking safety.Able to be connected discreetly below your sink, this filter removes nasty odors and tastes, chlorine odor and taste, and Class-III particulates that can penetrate water. Your water will not only taste great, but it will also maintain its pure, fresh smell. Designed for convenience, this lightweight filter can be installed and replaced in mere minutes with the simple twist-on, twist-off mechanism. Additionally, handy quick-connect fittings ensure the filter stays in place until it needs to be changed, so you don't need to worry about hidden leaks or spills.

What's in the Box Filter head with built-in bracket; RC-EZ-1 Level 1 replacement filter cartridge; mounting screws; supply adapter; lead-free faucet; 1/4-inch plastic tubing; filter-change reminder sticker; and instructions.

Water flow rate from faucet, .5 gpm at 60 psi , The included RC-EZ-1 filter cartridge is tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the aesthetic reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odor and Nominal Particulate Class III

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Tools & Shut Off Cold Water Supply

The first thing that we are going to need is to turn off the cold water supply , either at the curb side or under the kitchen fuacet, depending on your particular situation.

Tools Needed:

  1. rags
  2. bucket
  3. pliers
  4. plumbers tape
  5. Scissors or Something to cut the 1/4 inch plastic tubing

You might need:

  1. Drill
  2. Drill bit

Once We have everything that we need we can proceed to the installation of the faucet, if your sink already has a dedicated hole for placing the faucet , you can go ahead and remove this one. If you dont have a dedicated hole, this would be the time where the drill and drill bit will come into play. We are going to need to create a hole where we can insert the new filters faucet tubing.

Once we have opened or created the hole we can go ahead and install the filtered water faucet on top of the sink and tightening the connection under the sink with the plastic nut and metal washer included on the kit.

Step 2: Step 2: Disconecting and Installing the " T "

Once we have shut off the water supply and drained the lines for a few minutes until we dont have any water on the lines. Now we can go ahead and disconnect the line from the homes cold water supply to the kitchens cold water faucet. We can then proceed to place plumbers tape on both sides of the male tubing ( faucet line and home cold water line) and start installing the "T" we might require the pliers to remove conection or to install the "T"

Step 3: Step 3: Conecting and Cutting 1/4 Inch Tubbing

Now that we have secured the connection, now we can go ahead and connect the plastic 1/4 inch tubing to the "T" and measure the tubing to the location where we are going to call home to the filter. Once we have measured the 1/4 tubing length we can go ahead and proceed to cut the tubing. Remember is always best to install the filter home in a location you can easily access to replace filter when needed.

Step 4: Step 4:

Now We can Go Ahead and install the filters home bracket to the wall, using the two screws provided on the kit. Once we installed the bracket we can go ahead and connect the tubing from the "T" to the filters home left side.

Step 5: Step 5: Installing Faucets Tubing

Now we are going to install the remaining tubing to the right side of the filters home. Install the adapter on the remaining side of the tubing , by first installing the nut, then the plastic stop washer and finally the insert on the tubing. Once we have done that we can go ahead and make the final installation to the faucet. Remember you may need pliers to create a tight install. Remember never over tighten.

Step 6: Step 6: Final Install

Now We are here in the final and easiest part of the install. We are going to install the filter, and being this a mess free filter, we just have to align the filter with the filters home and twist. Now that we have completed the install we can go ahead and open the cold water supply back on, and verify for any leaks. If no leaks are present we can go ahead and open the filtered water faucet for 10 minutes as specified on the manual, to clean the filter and the lines of any debris.