Introduction: How to Knit Front & Easy Knitting Stitch!

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There are so many ways to increase your stitches in’s a fun one! Learn how to KFB in this tutorial and never be confused again! KFB means to knit into the front and back of the same stitch…making one stitch into two…so easy! You will see this used on many different patterns out there. So let’s add it to your knitting knowledge and get you creating!

Step 1: Insert Right Needle Into 1st Stitch on Left

Step 2: Knit As You Normally Would But Do Not Remove the Stitch From the Needle Yet

Step 3: Bring Right Needle Around to the Back of the Left Needle

Step 4: Knit Into the Back of the Same Stitch

Step 5: Slip Stitches Off Needle and Your Done!

That’s it! Now when you see it in projects, you’ll know exactly what it means.
Try this stitch out on one of these fun patterns, the Slouch Cables Hat, or Newsboy Hat!

Have fun & Happy Knitting! :D