Introduction: Learn How to Double Crochet

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If you’re brand new to crochet, or just learning some beginner techniques…double crochet is one you’ll need and love!
This creates taller stitches than single crochet! Which means it creates more length than smaller crochet stitches, making projects like baby blankets and bath cloths go a lot quicker!

So, grab your yarn and hook and let’s get started!

To learn how to double crochet, you can watch the video below, follow the photo tutorial…or both!

Step 1: Begin by Chaining 2.

Step 2: Yarn Over

Step 3: Insert Hook Under Next Stitch to Be Worked

Step 4: Yarn Over

Step 5: Draw Your Yarn Over Back Through the Stitch.

Step 6: You Will Now Have 3 Loops on Your Hook.

Step 7: Yarn Over Again

Step 8: Draw Your Yarn Over Back Through Only the First 2 Loops.

Step 9: You Will Now Have 2 Loops Left on Your Hook.

Step 10: Yarn Over One Final Time

Step 11: Draw Your Yarn Over Back Through Last 2 Loops.

Step 12: And Now You Have a Completed Double Crochet!

Just repeat steps 2-11 for every double crochet you want to make.

I hope this helps expand your crochet knowledge so you can create to your heart’s desire!

Let me know in comments below if you ever have any questions and have fun!

Happy Double Crocheting!

Step 13: